FHD Fiber TAP Cassette, OS2 Single Mode, 12 x LC Duplex Live Ports, 2 x MTP®-12 Male Live Ports, 2 x MTP®-12 Male TAP Ports, 70/30 Split Ratio (Live/TAP), 10/40/100G

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10/40/100G FHD Fiber TAP Cassette, 12x LC Duplex Live Ports, 2x MTP®-12 Male Live Ports, 2x MTP®-12 Male TAP Ports, 70/30 Split Ratio

Traffic Access Point (TAP) is a passive monitoring device that passes traffic from the live network to the monitoring devices and provides a demarcation between the live network and monitoring infrastructure. It is designed for use to effectively monitor network traffic whilst optimising performance, are tools that provide users with an understanding of network flow patterns by splitting traffic for monitoring and security without interrupting network traffic.


Live Ports
12 (Front), 2 (Rear)
TAP Ports
2 (Rear)
Split Ratio
Termination Type
Front and Rear
Front Connectivity
LC UPC Duplex
Rear Connectivity
US Conec MTP® Male
Insertion Loss
MTP≤0.35dB, LC≤0.3dB
Return Loss
MTP≥60dB, LC≥50dB
Split Loss (Live)
Split Loss (TAP)
Fiber Length
Glass Fiber
Corning SMF-28® Ultra
Operating Temperature
-10°C to 60°C
Dimensions (HxWxD)
1.38''x4.29''x4.64'' (35x109x118mm)
Fiber Type
OS2 9/125μm
Data Center LAN/SAN

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