FHD Fiber Adapter Panel, 12 Fibers OM4 Multimode, 6 x SC UPC Duplex (Aqua) Adapter, Ceramic Sleeve

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FHD Series of 6-port SC Duplex Connector, Zirconia Ceramic Sleeve Adapter Panel

FHD (FHigh Density) series adapter panel pre-loaded with fiber adapters that provides a means to connect backbone-to-backbone or backbone-to-horizontal fiber cabling. Used with FHD® series enclosure and splice tray for fusion splicing application or pre-terminated Plug-n-Play cabling system, it provides a more stable, compact solution for your network.

FHD High Density Series is a versatile solution in multiple sizes (1U/2U/4U) and styles for building backbones, data centers and enterprise applications.


Fiber Count
12 Fibers
Adapter Type SC Duplex (Aqua)
Fiber Mode OM4 (OM3) 50/125μm
Material of Sleeve Zirconia Ceramic
Material of Plate Steel, Powder-coated Black
Durability ≤500 mating cycles
Dimensions (HxW) 1.38''x4.29'' (35x109mm)
RoHS Compliancy Status
Application Matching for FHD Series

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