FHD 3 x MTP®-12 Cassette, 36 Fibers OM4 Multimode, Type A, 3 x 12F MTP® to 18 x Shuttered LC Duplex (Aqua), 0.35dB max

A-SIDE: 3 x MTP-12
Z-SIDE: 18 x LC Duplex
Sale price$175.00


FHD 36 Fibers Elite MTP®-12 to Shuttered LC Duplex Fiber Optic Plug-N-Play Cassette, 36 Strands OM4 50/125μm MMF

FHD® (FS High Density) series ultra high density MTP® fiber cassette modules offer 12-fiber MTP® adapter on the rear of the units routed to duplex LC adapters on the front patch field, which interconnect with high density fiber cable assemblies for multiple applications. The special shutters design replaces the standard dust caps to ensure the end faces of the connectors are never exposed to dust particles.

The MTP®-12 cassette enables high-density, cost-effective 10G deployments and the simplest migration to 40, 100, and even 400G. The cassette allows 144 fiber connections to be deployed in the FHD® series rack unit (1 RU).


Fiber Count 36 Fibers
Fiber Mode OM4 50/125μm
Front Connector Type Shuttered LC Duplex (Aqua)
Number of LC Port 18 Ports
Rear Connector Type US Conec MTP® UPC (Pinned)
Number of MTP® Port
3 Port
MTP Adapter Key Up to Key Down
Housing Type
Material of Sleeve
Zirconia Ceramic
Material of Cassette Body
Aluminium (AL5052)
Type A
Dimensions (HxWxD) 1.38''x4.29''x4.64'' (35x109x118mm)
Insertion Loss
MTP≤0.35dB, LC≤0.2dB
Return Loss
MTP≥20dB, LC≥30dB
RoHS Compliant
Matching for FHD Series Enclosures

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