1m (3ft) MTP-24 (Female) to 2 x MTP-12 (Female) OM4 Multimode Conversion Harness Cable, 24 Fibers, Type A, Plenum (OFNP), Magenta

Length:: 1m(3ft)
Sale price$88.90


24 Fibers MTP to MTP Interconnect Conversion Harness Cable

MTP conversion cable is designed to provide a more flexible multi-fiber cabling system based on MTP products. Unlike MTP harness cable, MTP® conversion cables are terminated with MTP connectors on both ends and can provide more possibilities for the existing 24-fiber cabling system.

The 40/100G MTP conversion cables eliminate the wasted fibers in current 40G transmission and upcoming 100G transmission. Compared to purchase and install separate conversion cassettes, using MTP® conversion cables is a more cost-effective and lower-loss option.



Fiber Connector US Conec MTP
Fiber Mode OM4 50/125μm
Glass Fiber Corning ClearCurve®
Insertion Loss
0.35dB Typ.
Attenuation at 850nm ≤2.3dB/km
Cable Jacket Plenum (OFNP)
Jacket OD 3.0mm
Installation Tensile Load 66N
Operating Temperature -10 to 70°C (14 to 158℉)



Gender Female
Wavelength 850/1300nm
Polish Type UPC to UPC
Return Los ≥20dB
Attenuation at 1300nm
Minimum Bend Radius
Breakout Length
Tensile Strength (Long/Short Term) 80/240N
Storage Temperature
-40 to 85°C (-40 to 185℉)

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