1+1 Optical Line Protection & Wavelength Protection System

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1+1 Optical Line Protection & Wavelength Protection System

The main function of the OLP optical protection board is to assist the wavelength division system to complete optical layer protection solutions such as optical line 1+1 protection, optical wavelength 1+1 protection, etc. It can monitor the optical path signal status of the main and standby routes in real-time. Deterioration of performance, automatic security on the main and standby routes.

Switching ensures the rapid recovery of the optical signal of the system; OLP technology completes the routing switching operation at the optical layer, and the optical layer protection has the incomparable advantages of upper-layer service protection and is the best solution to provide users with non-blocking communication.

Operating Wavelengths 1260nm~1650nm
Insertion Loss
Switching Speed
Connectors LC UPC
Operating Temperature -10 to 60°C
Return Loss ≥50dB
Monitoring Power Range -50 dBm ~+25dBm
Maximum Optical Power Load 5W
Switching mechanism 220mm x 442mm x 220mm
Storage Temperature -40 to 80°C

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